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Introducing the Billet Single Cab Coat Hook, a sleek and stylish addition to your OBS truck's interior. Designed to fit perfectly in both regular and crew cab models with hooks in the overhead trim piece, this coat hook is a must-have for any truck owner. Choose from a polished, mill, or black anodized finish to match your truck's aesthetic. Made from high-quality billet aluminum, this coat hook is durable and built to last. Upgrade your truck's interior with the Billet Single Cab Coat Hook today.

Billet Single Cab Coat Hook

    spare time fab cnc machining part


    Billet refers to any solid rod of metal that is machined from a single block of material using a CNC machine. Using a CNC machine ultimately leads to pin point precision and execution of design. 

    Billet Aluminum can withstand higher levels of stress and stain. Which makes this material the a go-to source for parts that need stay strong and last. 

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