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Introducing the Dash Saver 4000: Your Ultimate Dash Upgrade for 97-98 Chevy/GMC Trucks! 💥 Includes stainless hardware.  Say goodbye to wobbly mounts and embrace a dash makeover like never before. 🚀 Wave farewell to broken tabs and vents with our game-changing solution. 😎 Get ready for a dash transformation that'll make heads turn on the road!


The Dash Saver 4000 is here to rescue your dash with its unbeatable restoration and style powers. Not only does it tighten up those factory mounts, but it also injects a hefty dose of pizzazz into your ride. Say hello to a refreshed dashboard without breaking the bank!


Crafted from top-notch billet aluminum, this miracle-worker will make your friends and neighbors green with envy. Imagine sleek lines, rugged construction, and a touch of sophistication that'll turn your daily commute into a VIP experience.


Designed exclusively for 97-98 Chevy/GMC trucks, the Dash Saver 4000 fits like a glove. Installation is a breeze, and soon you'll be hitting the road with a smile on your face and a dash that's ready to conquer the world.


But wait, there's more! The Dash Saver 4000 doesn't just tighten things up; it adds a dash (pun intended) of personality to your truck. Get ready for jaws to drop as your stunning dash tabs and vents steal the spotlight. Your dashboard will become the talk of the town, making you the undisputed ruler of automotive style.


Don't settle for a lackluster dash any longer! Transform it into a showstopper with the Dash Saver 4000. Say "goodbye" to wobbles and broken components, and say "hello" to a whole new level of dash-tastic awesomeness!


Caution: This product may cause uncontrollable levels of swagger and an overwhelming desire to flaunt your upgraded dash to everyone you meet. Side effects may include increased admiration, envy from fellow truck owners, and a permanent grin that can't be wiped off. Get your Dash Saver 4000 now and revolutionize your ride!

97-98 OBS Billet Dash Saver 4000

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    spare time fab cnc machining part


    Billet refers to any solid rod of metal that is machined from a single block of material using a CNC machine. Using a CNC machine ultimately leads to pin point precision and execution of design. 

    Billet Aluminum can withstand higher levels of stress and stain. Which makes this material the a go-to source for parts that need stay strong and last. 

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