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Upgrade your 95-96 Chevy or GMC truck or SUV with our Billet Dash Saver. Designed specifically for models with a cup holder on the right side of the dash, our product is the perfect solution to protect your dashboard from damage caused by drinks and other spills. Crafted from high-quality materials, our dash saver is available in a brushed or polished finish to match your vehicle's interior. Plus, enjoy free shipping on your purchase. Don't let spills ruin your truck's interior - choose our Billet Dash Saver today.

95-96 Billet Dash Saver

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    spare time fab cnc machining part


    Billet refers to any solid rod of metal that is machined from a single block of material using a CNC machine. Using a CNC machine ultimately leads to pin point precision and execution of design. 

    Billet Aluminum can withstand higher levels of stress and stain. Which makes this material the a go-to source for parts that need stay strong and last. 

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